My name is Jouko Markula, Im IT professional, been working as an IT support, and network technical support, and im allways looking new things to study around computing, networking, social media, which ever keeps up my profession. I also admin my own www-domain, and I create pages, with HTML, PHP, with CSS.


Based on Meyer-Briggs`s type-indicator, I represent myself as type of INTP, and I do not deny this characterization.


I practice a lot building, and designing computers, from the parts, old, and new computers. Also other mechanical things gets my attention.
I have also made javascripts, for my own use, from templates, and re-programmed for own use. And what comes to Web developing, This site is fully handcrafted by me, including database for my Guestbook
which has security code to fill (bot secure), when leaving message, no email publishing eather.
This site also includes self-made IP-traffic tracking.


Keeping up my www domain,here is few projects, I have.